Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vertoris Pizza House: That's Amore!

This is a little ditty I put together about my recent visit to Vertoris Pizza House in Bradenton, FL.

When one of my best friends (who happens to be gluten-intolerant) told me she was coming to town recently, I'll admit, I panicked a bit and it was ugly. I had no idea of any restaurants in the area that offered a gluten-free menu. A Google search produced some limited menus featured by the major chains in the area, but I really wanted to take her somewhere local (obviously!).

Luckily, Erica Cave (a fellow MBA student, Sarasota-native & owner of The MBA Student's Guide to Personal Growth) recommended Vertoris Pizza House. She said they had a big selection and she had also seen them at the farmers market, which made me happy because really, I just love farmers markets. So we gave Vertoris a try and were thrilled with our visit! Honestly, I've never seen anyone so get excited over mozzarella sticks as my friend did. Now we just need to go back & try some of the desserts they had featured!

And in case anyone wants the captions from the video for whatever reason, here you go:

There once was a couple who lived a healthy life
all because gluten caused the woman much strife.
One day they set out on a quest, put Google Maps to the test
to find a gluten free meal better than all the rest.
When Vertoris they found, they did jump all around
after seeing all the gluten-free options abound!
The white pizza is famous and yes it does rule,
though I'll confess I like this to pasta fagioli.
When it's all said & done, sticks & beer were great fun
for my gluten-free friend and her new honey bun!

Buon divertimento!


Additional Info
Vertoris Pizza House
6830 14th Street W Bradenton, FL 34207
(941) 751-0333
Menu / Gluten-Free Menu / Vegan Menu


  1. Cute. Have you shared with Vertoris?

    1. Not yet, but I plan on writing them a glowing review on Yelp. The food was SO good!